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Billy la Banlieue Billy La Banlieue

Year : 1986
Developer : Biscay Jph.
Publisher : Loriciels
Platform : Amstrad CPC

Billy 2 Billy 2

Year : 1987
Developer : Biscay Jph.
Publisher : Loriciels
Plateforme : Amstrad CPC

Billy Run Again Billy Run Again

Year : 2014
Developers : Biscay
Publisher : Biscay
Platforms : Android / iPhone / Windows / Mac

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In the words of the press :

« Exceptional! [...] Retrogaming in 1986, had to be done! And Billy the Suburbs represents an epoch too. [...]
Ha, sacred Billy! » , 2008

« With its 80's retro style, the game will not leave you indifferent as long as you are nostalgic for this time
which marked the history of video games » , 2011

« Billy The Suburb is one of the most important games of the game video story [...].
Billy is like that, one of these games favorites that will change your life. », 2011

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Billy The Suburb :

Billy La Banlieue

Billy the Suburbs is a video game released in 1986 on Amstrad CPC , directed by Jean Philippe Biscay and edited by Loriciels.

The player incarnates a loubard look at rock / punk, wandering the streets and the Paris subway . Its objective is to find the money to play terminals or arcade machines, which are presented as real games in the game, but Billy is confronted with many challenges, which require him strategy and action.

Some characters need an object, so you need to find and give it. For example, a guitar for the rocker, a pistol for policeman or a heart for the woman in red dress .
Others characters must be fought that Billy can continue to grow in the streets of Paris, as a punk a thug ...
etc... In addition, each movement uses energy, that you can restore through beverages and chewing gums throughout this urban journey.

The design is caricatural , the atmosphere deeply Parisian , the musical theme rock'n roll : Billy the Suburbs is a true reflection of 80's .

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Billy 2 :

Billy 2

A year after its release, Billy returns in the second episode for an epopee more colorful , more Dynamic , but always so Parisian .

The mechanisms that have made ​​the success of Billy The Suburbs are waiting for you, and the engine has received real technical improvement , offering the player a background richer in details and more fluid movements.

hus, the player will find arcade games characters and fighting , more intense than ever. Now, to recharge his energy, Billy must find distributors chewing gum , which will cost him money.

More graphic details, faster, more fighting ... Billy Billy is a 2 Suburb boosted, but always true to himself .

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Billy Run Again !

Billy La Banlieue

30 years later , reading many enthusiastic and nostalgic for his many fans testimonials, Billy decided to resume service ... for a new episode!

Fully realized by its original author and his son, this episode sound return Parisian thug on your computers and phones . Billy returns to resurface with his fans these distant feelings that roamed there is a generation that , when clung frantically to their joystick not to fall in the Seine calmed down after a few punks and won several victories over the arcade.

You will find a faithful Billy previous episodes , in this world of Paris 80, fighting and research objects, the arcades, the management of the energy and money. We seek to recreate the unique atmosphere, combining gameplay nice and minimalist graphics rich in detail and of course some winks this sweet time.
In a few words: use the advantages of modern techniques while concervant original core Simple and effective early episodes.

Billy Run Again happens with the aim of fending off the nostalgia of his fans, and build a bridge between the player and that he was 30 years ago . For those who do not yet know, it will be a unique opportunity to walk through the streets of Paris 1980 ...